Nikon Fm2 and the reason I don’t really like it

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I’m not a mechanic camera type of guy, i’m really not. I just don’t like them. When i’m shooting film, I can’t waste my time setting the right time value, as I watch a dot going green or red. Doing manual focus is fine with me, i really love it, I love setting the aperture that fits best, i love seeking the right scene, and making sure I’ll push the trigger just in the right moment, but going forward and backwards on a time dial is too much for me.I guess you figured it out by now , i love the Nikon Fe instead. Or fe2,fg,em, fa, and so on.

But that day , was a fine sunny Sunday.I had my girl with me, a good old friend of mine, so everything was just right. What could possibly go wrong, you might ask. Well the camera i took for a trip was not the right one.The Nikon Fm2 and Fe2 are so similar, so I picked the wrong one.There are a few abandoned military forts around Bucharest, so we decided to go and take a closer look.The one I’m talking about is Bateria 9-10 , the most visited one, close to A2 highway.The film I took was Portra160, expired since god knows when, so i could not take pictures inside as it was to dark.When I realised the mistake I made it was already too late, as the film was already loaded.It’s pointless to say now, how  frustrated i was , as I was trying to get that f…ing   exposure right.Going forward ..a little forward, maybe a little backwards…I ended up shooting 16 frames I guess, and ended the film the very next day on a different location.I’ll keep this in mind, and I’ll never shoot mechanical cameras , if I have better options

Nikon fm2 double exposure
Fm2 – portra 160 Sample
Kodak portra 160 sample
Bateria 9-10
Kodak portra double exposure
Nikon 55mm 1.2 Sample
nikkor 55mm 1.2 double exposure

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