Fuji Sensia 100 Samples

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Fuji Sensia 100 Samples

Classic manual 35mm Nikon Fe – Fuji Sensia 100

The pictures were captured in the summer of 2017 ,  Vama Veche , Romania.I remember shoting with 50 , 28 and 85mm lens, the rest is history.

Fuji Sensia 100
Fuji Sensia 100, Regular people on the beach in the morning – Nikon Fe
Nikon Fe
Sensia 100 Slide Film, first drink in the morning, afer gallons of beer
Fuji Sensia
Fuji Sensia ,  and my dirty chuck Taylor Converse
Nikon Fe - Fuji Sensia
Sensia 100 slide film , Nikon fe, in Vama Veche , Romania
Sensia 100 Fuji
Slide film , white funny dog – Nikon Fe
Nikon fe
Mini Cooper
Sensia 100 Sample
Sensia 100 Sample,  white dog having fun on the beach
Nikon Fe Sample
Slide Film Sample , Fuji Sensia 100 Slide Film
Fuji Sensia 100 Sample
Fuji Sensia 100 Sample , Sandstorm in Vama Veche , Romania
Nikon Fe Samples
Slide Film  Samples , Paul painting , Nikon Fe
Vama Veche
Girl Portrait –  Sensia 100 Slide Film , nikon Fe
Fuji Sensia - Vama veche
Fuji Sensia – Vama veche – People on the Beach
Vama veche - Nikon fe
Sensia 100 Slide film . boots in the sand
Sensia 100 Sample
Girl portrait  / Mini Cooper –  Sample Nikon Fe
Vama Veche
Vama Veche , Romania- Sensia 100 Slide film

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