Kiev88 Review and Samples

                            Kiev88 , First impressions  This is my first thoghts regarding Kiev88. I must admit , I’m not a big fan of Soviet cameras, as they’re pretty much unreliable. This being said, my … Continue readingKiev88 Review and Samples

Hasselblad 2000FC/M Review and Samples

First impressions regarding Hasselblad 2000FC/M I must admit, i’m not a huge Hasselblad fan, most of the time I think abot them as overated pieces of equipment. However, this is not the case with Hasselblad 2000FC/M. Most of the time, medium format cameras use leaf … Continue readingHasselblad 2000FC/M Review and Samples

Yashica A – Medium Format TLR – Review and Sample Images

Yashica A – 6×6 TLR Camera Introduction  Yashica A is a 6×6 twin lens reflex camera introduced in 1959. There’s nothing complicated about this camera, and that’s why i like it so much. In the first place I intended to shoot one or two rolls, … Continue readingYashica A – Medium Format TLR – Review and Sample Images

Super Ikonta III 531 16 Review & Samples

Super Ikonta III – Medium Format Rangefinder Introduction – Super Ikonta III I won’t go much into history, Super Ikonta III, or Super Ikonta 531/16 is a folding super compact 6×6 medium format rangefinder camera made by Zeiss Ikon. The key difference between Ikonta, and … Continue readingSuper Ikonta III 531 16 Review & Samples

Mamiya Rz67 – Review and Samples

Mamiya Rz67 II – Introduction Mamiya Rz67 is one of the best modular SLR medium format camera on the market. When i saw it for the first time,i was really impressed by it’s size and weight (2.4 Kg with 110 f2.8 lens). I thought i … Continue readingMamiya Rz67 – Review and Samples