Super Ikonta III 531 16 Review & Samples

Super Ikonta III – Medium Format Rangefinder Introduction – Super Ikonta III I won’t go much into history, Super Ikonta III, or Super Ikonta 531/16 is a folding super compact 6×6 medium format rangefinder camera made by Zeiss Ikon. The key difference between Ikonta, and … Continue readingSuper Ikonta III 531 16 Review & Samples

Konica Hexar Rf Review & Samples

 Introduction Konica Hexar Rf is a highly appreciated 35mm rangefider produced by Konica between 1999 and 2003. Sharing some similarities with other cameras such as Leica or Contax, Konica Hexar Rf is an highly controversial camera, as you’ll find from below. Konica Hexar Rf Mount … Continue readingKonica Hexar Rf Review & Samples

Contax G2 – Review & Samples

 Introduction Contax G2 was produced from 1996 to 2005 by Kyocera, under the Contax brand. As the title  sugests, this is the best autofocus rangefider analog camera your money can buy,and you’ll se why. When I received the camera I had only 2 hours to … Continue readingContax G2 – Review & Samples

Canon Elan 7e / Eos 30 / 33 Samples

Introducing Canon Elan 7E Canon Elan 7e also known as Eos 30 was introduced in 2000, five years after the Eos 50 / Elan IIe. There are 2 variations, Eos 33 / Elan 7 and Eos 30 / Elan 7e with Eye Control function.   … Continue readingCanon Elan 7e / Eos 30 / 33 Samples

Mamiya Rz67 – Review and Samples

Mamiya Rz67 II – Introduction Mamiya Rz67 is one of the best modular SLR medium format camera on the market. When i saw it for the first time,i was really impressed by it’s size and weight (2.4 Kg with 110 f2.8 lens). I thought i … Continue readingMamiya Rz67 – Review and Samples

Canon Eos 3 – Review & Samples

Canon Eos 3 – Introduction Introduced in 1998, Canon Eos 3 was a big step ahead from Eos5 which it replaced. Canon Eos3 has a lot more in common with Eos 1N such as, weather sealing, and even share some common parts – Canon GR-E1 … Continue readingCanon Eos 3 – Review & Samples