Nikon Fm2 and the reason I don’t really like it

I’m not a mechanic camera type of guy, i’m really not. I just don’t like them. When i’m shooting film, I can’t waste my time setting the right time value, as I watch a dot going green or red. Doing manual focus is fine with … Continue readingNikon Fm2 and the reason I don’t really like it

Kodak Portra 400BW Samples

Kodak Portra 400BW Sample Images Yashica A – Medium Format Tlr 6×6 – Expired Portra 400BW This roll expired in 2004 , and i shot it in April 2018, so it’s 14 years old. I rated it iso 200 and developed for 400 in Rodinal 1/50 … Continue readingKodak Portra 400BW Samples

Kodak Tmax 400 Samples

Kodak Tmax 400  Samples 35mm Canon Elan 7e / Rodinal Elan 7e / Eos33 – Tmax 400 Rodinal 35mm Canon Eos 50e / Elan IIe – Kodak Tmax 400 – Rodinal 1/50 Medium Format TLR – Mamiya C220 – Tmax 400 18 years Expired Tmax 400, … Continue readingKodak Tmax 400 Samples

Kodak Portra 160 Samples

                                                     Kodak Portra 160 Samples Kodak Portra is one of my all time favorite color reversal film when it comes … Continue readingKodak Portra 160 Samples