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canon eos3 eye control front view

Canon Eos 3 – Introduction

Introduced in 1998, Canon Eos 3 was a big step ahead from Eos5 which it replaced. Canon Eos3 has a lot more in common with Eos 1N such as, weather sealing, and even share some common parts – Canon GR-E1 Grip, Canon battery pack Bp-E1, or Canon Power Drive Booster Pb-E1

Canon Eos 3 Slr Eye Control Camera Top view

Handling Canon Eos 3

Handling Canon Eos3 feels  absolutely great. As a matter of fact, eos3 perfectly fits my hand without being too bulky, to small, or uncomfortable.

Control dials  and buttons are well placed, just were you expect it to be.

Autofocus – Eye Control

With 49 Af points and eye control ,autofocus is absolutely amazing, perhaps the best autofocus you can find in a electronic SLR. You can choose to focus in full auto mode, which is fine most of the times, one focus point at your choice, or eye controlled. Before shooting in eye controlled mode, you need to set the Af dial to CAL position, so you can calibrate it on your eye. Usually eye control once calibrated delivers pretty  good results, but it can be confused if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The Lcd screen on top provides all the informations you need, especially if you’re familiar with Dslr symbols.The Blue light of the lcd helps a lot if you shoot night long exposures.

Canon Eos 3 Slr Eye Control Camera Top Lcd


One of the best thing about Canon Eos 3 is the ability to use all the modern EF lenses and flashguns made by Canon or third party. If you’re newbie in shooting film but you already own a canon DSLR, you’ll find the transition to analog pretty natural. You can use your flashgun in TTL mode,and even high speed sync, which goes up to 1/8000. Normal sync speed is 1/200 better than Canon 6D and other modern DSLR’s. Shutter speed goes from 30sec to 1/8000 and bulb.

Canon Eos 3 Slr Eye Control Camera side view

Canon Eos3 , as most of Af-SLr’s can read dx coding, so you don’t have to worry about setting the iso. All you need to do is load the film, advance it to the orange sign, close the door, and you’re ready to go. Most of the times i choose to set the Eos 3 in Aperture Priority mode, and compensate the exposure if needed. From my experience this is as best as i can get, and as fast as i can get.

Canon Eos 3 Slr Eye Control Camera Front view

Canon Eos 3 ‘s shutter is guaranteed for 100000 shoots, which is more than enough for a SLR. I really love shooting with fast glass at wide apertures, for that shallow depth of field look so i appreciate a lot maximum shutter speed of 1/8000. With Eos3 in your hands ,you don’t need to wory about exposure, focus, or weather conditions. All you need to do is load, and have lots of fun.

Canon Eos 3 Slr Eye Control Camera Back View


Ok, this is a great camera ,i really love it, but are there any downsides? Well, maybe…maybe not.

– Eos3 is not a small camera, so if you want to go unnoticed, this is not the camera for you.

–  Eos3 is not a cheap camera neither, so prepare yourself to sped some bucks if you really want one of the finest Slr Canon ever made.

– Compared with Eos1n, Canon Eos3 is not as tough, it’s body is mostly plastic, but i don’t really find it as a big disadvantage

– 2cr5 Batteries are not very common, neither cheap, but they last a lot, or you can use regular AAA’s in Power Drive Booster Pb-E1

I really can’t find anything else, but you can leave a comment if you find any

Ok, next you can take a look at some images captured with Eos3, and Ilford Xp2 Super 400, developed for 20 minutes in Rodinal 1/50 and scanned with Epson Perfection V500. Enjoy!

Ilford Xp2 400

More Canon Eos 3 Samples on my Ilford Xp2 post

Canon Eos3 Sample Ilford Xp2 Super 400 Man Portrait 135mm f2.0 L



Canon Eos3 Sample Ilford Xp2 Super 400 in Rodinal Black and White Photographer Portrait 135mm 2.0L


Canon Eos3 Sample Ilford Xp2 Super 400 in Rodinal Black and White Men with Cigar Portrait Canon 135mm 2.0 L

Feel free to ask any questions and leave a comment if you feel like.


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